Thursday, 21 April 2011

Good things

Good things recently:

Gentleman Jeff Vandermeer getting the cover story in F&SF, a market he has somehow never been published in until now, despite getting into print just about everywhere else in existence (and a couple of places that aren't, but I better not mention those because of the whole rupturing the fabric of time thing).

Sea fret. Scorching sunny day, then come 4pm the fog comes in off the sea, the temperature plummets, the foghorn starts to low, visibility drops to next to nothing...excellent.

Another good review for Nowhere To Go. (Does seem daft though that reviews posted on Amazon UK don't show up on Amazon US and vice versa).

Getting another book into circulation (more on which later).

Seeing Neil Williamson's short story collection The Ephemera released from Infinity Plus.

Shallow trivia warning: finding a pair of brown boots that I really like. I am particular about boots and have been looking for a long time.

This clarification of AV from B3ta.

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