Thursday, 7 April 2011

The milkman of human kindness

...has left an extra pint today. Nowhere To Go got its first review on Amazon, and it's a very positive one. Which I'm pleased about, obviously, but it's also considered and thoughtful, which is also good.

A shameless plea to readers: most people who read books don't leave a review on Amazon. But reviews do make a real difference to how Amazon's mysterious recommendation engine does its secret and mysterious recommending business, so if you read any of my stuff and feel strongly enough about it to have an opinion then please think about taking a minute to add a review. It all helps, and you can have the satisfaction of knowing you made my day. Or, if you hate me and loathe my writing with a passion which is almost violent and write a review to match, of having the satisfaction that you've made me sulk.

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