Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ice Age

I've added a new book page to the menu bar up top. Unlike the one for Nowhere To Go, this is a page for something which doesn't exist yet. I've reposted it here to save you the effort of sliding the mouse up a little bit to click on it, because that's the kind of considerate person I am.

Although a lot of my time these days has been spent writing crime fiction, I used to write short fiction that was mostly orbiting around a dark, weird feel. I find it hard to call them horror because they're not particularly scary and there's no gore, squamous and rugose old ones, or vampires. And I find it hard to call them dark fantasy because, well, there's no vampires. Some of them are easy to classify, because they're traditional ghost stories of a sort, and if you like James, and Blackwood, you might like them. Others, aren't.

I'm starting to release a few of them as short stories for Kindle and other ebooks, and at some point I will bring these together into a collection which will be called Ice Age, after the first story I ever sold to anyone (described in one review as 'a cloud of poetic miserabilism' which amused the former teenage Cure obsessive inside me no end. Despite the name, there are no sabre-toothed squirrels in it, sadly). I'll list the stories here as I publish them, and then give details of the anthology when I get round to it.


Lilies was long-listed for the British Fantasy Society's best short story, and later republished in Stephen Jones' Mammoth Book of Best New Horror.


Sighted is a short story first published in the Stoker-nominated and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology At Ease With The Dead.

Driving In Circles is a short story first published in Nemonymous 5. It received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow Year's Best Horror and Fantasy anthology, and was recommended for the British Fantasy Society's best short story award.


  1. Great, genuinely looking forward to reading these. If they're all as good as Lilies, will be great. And good use of the word "squamous" there.

  2. Ta James. I thought about throwing in an eldritch or a rugose, but thought I'd save them for another time.