Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The biggest reason I am full of hate for Murdoch and Co.

The novel that I've been writing. The novel that I've spent a lot of time thinking about.

This novel, it features a protagonist who earns his money digging up dirt on celebrities to sell to the red-tops. His own world falls apart when his ex disappears and he becomes suspect number one, but if ever there was anyone equipped to find out the truth, it's him.

But now? It just pales. Absolutely pales. I thought I stooped low, but there are miles and miles of sewers running below the deepest one my imagination reached. And in a few months, every publisher, every agent, is going to be deluged with a flood of phone-hacking bin-dippers.

OK, it's not the biggest reason. Them all being emissaries of Satan, that's the biggest reason. But still.


  1. Ach, that's annoying! And I sympathise ... I was kicking ideas around with regard to what seemed to be a new trend - stealing babies by cutting them out of the mother. Then Martyn Waites went and wrote it while I was still thinking about it.

    Having said that, in your shoes, I'd very probably write the planned novel anyway. It'll be streets ahead of the rest!

  2. Yeah, I've got a story lined up for the 'sequel' to The Other Room about a man targeted by tabloid journalism. It's more sureal, Kafkaesque than realistic though so hopefully will be alright. Plus, the Daily Mail are bound to do something dreadfully cunty between now and then.

    But yes I agree with Julie, press on.

  3. I agree with Julie and James. Stoop and slither. The topic's hardly exhausted just because some of its reality actually becomes 'the news'. Besides, may the exploration of this sewer be a genre that takes up more space on the selling shelves than all that samesame 'paranormal'. Murdoch 'journalism' in all its perversions is a whole lot scarier, and classic.