Saturday, 2 July 2011

Living In The Ice Age

As attentive readers will know (not least because I've rambled on about it enough), as well as crime fiction I've written some short fiction that was more in the weird, strange bit of the woods. That place where nobody goes, and if they do, they don't come back.

I've put out three standalone short stories, with the idea of putting out a collection of those and others 'at some point'. Well, I've amazed myself - and set a dangerous precedent in my life - by actually getting round to something sooner than planned.

Ice Age is up now at Amazon (US | UK) and Smashwords. It's a collection of eight short stories, all previously published. Stories in the collection were reprinted in year's best anthologies, and featured in anthologies which were nominated for the Stoker and/or the Shirley Jackson awards.

It's only 99c/71p for now. Go on, treat yourself.

Now that the collection's up, you can get my short story Lilies - reprinted in the Stephen Jones antho Mammoth Book of Best New Horror as a free taster.

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