Thursday, 4 August 2011


Hello everyone. I've not forgotten you all, but I have been away a bit and will shortly be away again. More interviews and stuff when I get back.

This year I've participated for the first time in Metafilter's annual CD swap, where you get randomly assigned to a group of Mefi members from around the world, each of whom burns a CD with some of their favourite music on and sends it to everyone else. The CDs I've received so far have had some really good music on, and it's always interesting being exposed to stuff you haven't heard before, or were maybe unlikely ever to hear.

I tried to put together a CD that had some kind of feel as a piece, rather than as a random assembly of 20 songs. The various copies have gone winging their way over the ocean, so I thought I'd post it the track listing here too. I've managed to find youtube links to all of the songs except for the marvellous Another Shitty Day by The Sneetches and Systems/Layers by Rachel's (that's what you get for not picking one of the obvious songs from the album)

Anyway, here it is:

Blue Bird

1. Blue Bird - Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
2. She Gives Me The Chills - Lucas Renney
3. Ivory Tower - Nobukazu Takemura
4. Precious Plans - Field Music
5. Sand River - Beth Gibbons
6. The Last Good Day Of The Year - Cousteau
7. Raindrops - Tindersticks
8. Gone Gone Gone - The Notwist
9. Afraid - Nico
10. Another Shitty Day - The Sneetches
11. Marguerita Red - King Creosote
12. If I Were - Vashti Bunyan
13. The Not Knowing - Tindersticks
14. Systems/Layers - Rachel's
15. Rytm To Niesmiertelnosc II - Jacaszek
16. Written On The Sky - Max Richter
17. Temptation - James Yorkston
18. National Avenue (Sunday Afternoon) - Red Guitars
19. End Come Too Soon - Wild Beasts
20. Blue bird - Charles Bukowski

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