Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Circus of the Grand Design and Infinities

Robert Freeman Wexler is an excellent and dazzlingly imaginative writer, and his book Circus of the Grand Design has just been re-released via infinity plus ebooks. You can read much more about the novel over at Keith Brooke's blog, but check this out for a quote, from the excellent Graham Joyce.
“Robert Wexler is an author who walks between the sea and the sand. He has a genius for configuring the state between waking and dreaming, and the delicious anxiety of never confirming which of these states presides. It’s a superb trick, used to brilliant effect in Circus Of The Grand Design.”
– Graham Joyce

In other infinity plus news, the sampler/catalogue/book of rare delights Infinities is now free at Amazon, and currently #2 in the genre anthology charts. 100, 000 words of short fiction and novel extracts from:

Eric Brown, John Grant, Anna Tambour, Keith Brooke, Garry Kilworth, Iain Rowan, Kaitlin Queen, Linda Nagata, Scott Nicholson, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Steven Savile.

All free. Check it out.

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