Monday, 24 October 2011

infinity plus singles

infinity plus are now established as an ebook publisher of a wide range of high quality fiction from a diverse and interesting set of authors (and, uh, me: declaration of interest here: both Nowhere To Go and One Step Closer are published by IP too).

They've now released the first of a range of bite-sized ebooks with gorgeous cover art, short stories that can be read in a single setting, cheap and accessible samples that might provide an introduction to the work of a particular writer. Dip in, try a couple, and see what you like.

The line-up of initial releases looks like this:

One Step Closer (singles #1) by Iain Rowan
Has Anyone Here Seen Kristie? (singles #2) by John Grant
The Time-Lapsed Man (singles #3) by Eric Brown
Head Shots (singles #4) by Keith Brooke
Old Soldiers (singles #5) by Kit Reed

But infinity plus have stories lined up from Lisa Tuttle, Sarah Ash, Neil Williamson and Anna Tambour, as well as the authors listed above and a growing list of others. Check out all of the details at the infinity plus website.


  1. You're on the same label as Lisa Tuttle? Very cool sir.

  2. It's a bit like guilt by association, only in a good way.