Sunday, 20 November 2011

Catching up

Hectic times at the mo. Lots on at work, and outside work a lot of the last couple of weeks have revolved around the kids who have been in their first professional production at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle. Son made front page of the Journal this week, which made me all proud and something-in-my-eye and, inevitably, got the 'new Billy Elliott' tag. Am also still quite drifty after what happened in September/October (and angry - is a weird thing about grief, how it can prompt this inchoate unfocused anger at well, everything), but trying to get my act together now and get on, because there's a lot to get on with.

I've started a new novel, and am working away at it with the intention of submitting it to the Debut Daggers. It's about working undercover, identity, madness, the protest movement, the illegal arms trade, and not knowing who you are, or who anyone else is. Know where it starts, and where it ends, and a fair bit of what happens inbetween, but am spending a lot of time getting inside the protag's head at the moment. Am also planning something a bit different around point of view, which may or may not work out, but will be interesting to try. Don't have even a working title in mind, so for now it is just The Novel.

Julie Morrigan has interviewed me over at her place. Paul D Brazill has announced the impending release of his anthology Brit Grit 2, which features a brand-new short story from me called Looking For Jamie. Probably one of the most bleak stories I've ever written, which given some of my other short stories is something of an achievement. Luca Veste's charity anthology Off The Record will be out soon too, and  will include Purple Haze, a short story from me specially written for Off The Record.

Too soon to blog about them in detail just yet, but in the last week I've become involved in two really interesting and exciting projects. Hope to tell you more about them soon. One's a new project around a series of short story collections, working with some excellent horror/dark/weird fiction writers and which promises to be a huge amount of fun (and see a few new short stories from me). The other might see some previous linked short stories of mine packaged up and turned into a novel for a magazine publisher's new ebook venture - but there's 20,000 words of new fiction to be written to get it there.

Better get on with it then, hadn't I.

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