Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Review time

Been catching up with some interesting short ebooks recently. Victoria Watson's I Should Have Seen it Coming is a short story published by Trestle Press. The narrator progresses from redundancy to an initially reluctant but increasingly successful career as a psychic - until her new vocation brings disaster. It's a quick and entertaining read with a controlled narrative voice, and I liked the gradual disintegration of the narrator as the story moved on.

Luca Veste's Liverpool Five is a collection of short short stories - five of them, surprisingly enough. The stories cover quite a range, from crime stories with an entertainingly dark twist like Heavy Sleeper and Model Behaviour, to acutely-observed stories that capture a moment in someone's life, told with great economy. Writing short is sometimes much harder than writing long. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from Luca.

Darren Sant's been writing a series of stories set in the same location, the fictional Longcroft Estate. Rowan's Folly (no relation, although I have been responsible for much folly in my time) is another slice of Longcroft lowlife and the longest story - and, I think, the best - so far. The story features a convincing range of characters all following their own storylines which intertwine as the story progresses. If you've read the earlier stories set you'll spot a few references and characters as the author continues to build up the grimly fascinating world of the Longcroft.

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