Thursday, 22 December 2011

December catch-up

Been on travels a little bit - Yorkshire for a few days, and down to London for a couple of days to have family reunion. Good times. Had tour of parliament courtesy of my sis, and we sat in on a debate in the House of Lords, only to be taken a little by surprise when Floella Benjamin stood up to speak. No Lord Cant, though, or Lady Hamble.

My books have been getting some love recently - Nowhere To Go has featured in a couple of best of the year lists over at Luca Veste's Guilty Conscience, and there's a lengthy and lovely review of Ice Age by Eva Dolan. As an experiment we've put Nowhere To Go into Amazon's new Select program, and made it free for a couple of days as a one point in the Amazon UK short story charts free category Nowhere To Go was number one and One Step Closer was number six.

I liked this set of New Year's Resolutions by Woody Guthrie. Speaking of Woody, I also really enjoyed last week's This Is England '86. The characters feel like a bunch of old mates now, and Woody most of all, because he reminds me of someone I knew in real life.


  1. Yes Shane Meadows stuff is always great.

    Congrats on your reviews - well deserved. And hope you have a good Christmas.

  2. Cheers James - and a good Xmas to you, with tons more success in 2012.