Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Announcing Penny Dreadnought 2: Descartes' Demon

The Abominable Gentleman are back, with our second release. 

Following last month's 'Introducing Penny Dreadnought', we bring you four new stories in 'Descartes' Demon'. What do you do when you turn a corner and you find yourself where you hadn't intended to go, and you turn back and find that what's behind you isn't where you came from? When nothing makes sense, do you doubt your own sanity, or the world’s?

'Descartes' Demon' is a collection of four fearful tales of paralyzing epistemic doubt:

“Falling Over” by James Everington
“All the Pretty Yellow Flowers” by Aaron Polson
“Ice Age” by Iain Rowan
“A Face to Meet the Faces that You Meet” by Alan Ryker

About 23,000 words that will make you doubt the world around you, or doubt yourself.

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