Monday, 2 January 2012

A new project - 52 songs, 52 stories

I've started a new writing project, inspired in part by my participation at the back end of last year in Luca Veste's charity anthology Off The Record (if you've not bought it yet, please think about doing so - thirty-eight excellent stories, all the proceeds benefiting children's literacy charities). It was also inspired by the excellent blog A Month In Music.

Fifty-two songs, fifty-two stories does pretty much what it says. Each week in 2012, I'm going to pick a song, often at random courtesy of iTunes' shuffle, post a youtube video of that song, and write a new short-short story to go along with it. I'm also open to requests and suggestions, email to the usual address, in the comments, or via twitter or facebook or google+ or whatever else gets invented and gets everyone excited over the next twelve months.

More about the project, and the inspiration for it, here. Observant regular readers will realise that I've cheated in the first week, and used a piece of flash fiction that I've already published here. To be fair to me, I only thought of the whole idea on Dec 30th, and wanted to have something up for Jan 1st. Every story from now on will be new.

Why am I doing this? I thought it would be fun. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if I can come up with the goods, or look really stupid in public. I thought it would be a good excuse to listen to some good (or not so good) songs. I thought it would be good for my writing discipline.

See what you think. One new short story a week, from now until 2013.

The first song and story are up now.


  1. the A-Team by Ed Sheeran


  2. That's a great suggestion, as I've got a story half-written about a group of war veterans who are imprisoned for a crime that they did not commit and..ah.

    Added to the list!

  3. YouTube (Bic Runga - Hello, Hello) .......would make a good story ...


  4. great concept for a book ... look forward to it.. i just completed 'welcome to the Underworld' ..... i enjoyed it immensely .. liked the mix of supernatural/ ancient civilisation..

    the Bic Runga video starts with her finding... a suitcase washed up on the beach ...