Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Supernatural Tales and Strange Stories

Some good news this week: I found out that 'The Singing', a story I wrote at the start of the month has been accepted by David Longhorn for his excellent Supernatural Tales. You won't see 'The Singing' for a little while, but another story of mine will be appearing in ST a little sooner - watch out for 'The Edge of the Map'.

Lovers of high quality weird fiction should check out James Everington's new series over at his blog Scattershot Writing. 'Strange Stories' is going to feature his thoughts on some of his favourite weird stories, and judging by the two posted so far (Adam Golaski's 'What Water Reveals' and Julio Cortazar's fantastic 'House Taken Over'), it's going to be both a thought-provoking look and a pointer to some stories you might not have come across before.

James' thoughts about the power of ambiguity in the best of weird fiction is well worth a read. It's in the introduction to Strange Stories.

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