Thursday, 16 February 2012

Snouts in the trough (part 456,000 in a series of 6,789,000)

One of the arguments that the Coalition government made for the tripling of higher education tuition fees was that it was not fair for a cleaner or gardener or bus driver to pay taxes to support other people throughout university.

The MPs have no reticence though in letting said cleaners, gardeners and bus drivers pay taxes to support MPs shovelling steak into their gaping maws. In the subsidised Houses of Parliament restaurants for MPs, for every £10 that an MP spends on food, the taxpayer - most of whom are on salaries much smaller than an MP - spends £7.60.

So please, if you're ever at any event where an MP is speaking, and they play the 'why oh why should taxpayers' card or the 'waste in the public sector' card, ask them: 'why should someone on minimum wages pay taxes so you can have a cheaper lunch?'


  1. You crazy liberal commie, isn't it obvious?

    If we *don't* buy them a big fat lunch & drink, there's a danger some of them won't be able to sleep through the afternoon parliamentary session...

  2. That's very true - they might end up legislating, and then where would we be?