Saturday, 24 March 2012

My dull week

....and I'm back. Been quite here for a little while, because I've been caught up in the throes of what was a speculative job application, which much to my surprise turned into an interview, which even more to my surprise turned into an invitation to a final round of interviews...which was far more in line with my natural state of cynical pessimism. Wasn't far off, but it's not the Olympics and there's no medals for being placed. In one way I'm really pleased I got that far, as the job is quite a change from what I'm doing now, and I was very much an outside and outsider candidate, but the further I got, the more I wanted it. Really interesting job working for an educational charity, and a lovely, lovely bunch of people. Ah well.

Would have meant a move down to Yorkshire for all the family, which in is no bad thing, as we're shuttling backwards and forwards between here and Leeds 3-4 times a week anyway, but that did up the stakes a bit.

Anyway, I spent most of my free time over the last month writing presentations and reports and mugging up for interviews, so at least now it's over things can get back to normal.

Or at least as normal as things get in a week which has seen: two days of interviews and not getting the job, having to have the police out over some idiot being an idiot, son in casualty start of week to get staple in his head after another kid tossed a bottle at him, son back in casualty again at end of week because he's gone over on his ankle and ended up on crutches and strapped up, no dancing for six weeks, but fortunately ankle not broken.

So, not much going on, really.

Oh, and next week, my novel's going to be published.


  1. Crazy times.

    I've been almost completely shut off from the world since late January. Big congrats on One of Us! Just bought a copy and will be starting it soon!

  2. Cheers Alan, hope you enjoy it.