Sunday, 25 March 2012

One Of Us

It's been a long, strange trip.

One Of Us started as a short story, that came out of nowhere. There was just the voice, Anna's voice, and then the story of her and Corgan fell out of that. It got published in Hitchcock's, was destined for an anthology called Best New Noir until the publisher pulled the plug on that one, and then grew into a novel, which much to my surprise got shortlisted for the Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger award.

It didn't win, but I got to go to a nice awards dinner at the Hilton, and meet some incredibly nice people, and listen to the world's most meandering speech from James Naughtie. I also ended up signing with an agent with an incredible reputation, although after nearly a year and some unexpected heartbreak, I ended up unsigning. Long story, with a pointed moral about not counting chickens, but also about writing what you want to write.

But now, One Of Us is published, in paperback (US, UK to follow in a couple of weeks) and ebook (US | UK), by infinityplus, and I'm happy, because I like it a lot, and hope that you do too. If you do, be a star and spread the word, please.

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