Saturday, 24 March 2012


If you like short fiction, and you like music (and if you don't, don't click on the 52 Songs, 52 Stories link above or to the right, you'll hate it), then check out Neil Schiller's excellent 7" fiction project. Original post here, first B-side here, an update here, and a new A-side here.

Speaking of 52 Songs, the next story is going to be up tomorrow. This one's inspired by an old Tricky song.

Issue 21 of David Longhorn's excellent Supernatural Tales is out now. One of the stories in it is a sad little thing from me called The Edge Of The Map. I'm honoured to be in there alongside some very good stories from some very talented authors. Full line-up:

Stephen J. Clark - 'The Vigil'
Sam Dawson - 'The Last Fight'
Steve Duffy - 'The Purple Tinted Window'
Adam Golaski - 'Translation'
S.P. Miskowski - 'A.G.A.'
Bill Read - 'Virpus'
Iain Rowan - 'The Edge of the Map'
Steve Rasnic Tem - 'These Days When All is Silver and Bright'

I'm generally deeply cynical about much of what you see labelled as advice on 'how to be a writer', but I like what Gary McMahon has to say on it all, although it's not going to go down too well if you're a goat. If you are a goat that writes, I'd suggest you don't need any advice, just go straight for getting the best agent you can, and avoid bridges.

Sure I've mentioned it here before, but Fragments of Noir is a great blog that would always merit a second mention.

And I dunno who to give credit to for this, but it just about sums up this week in politics in the UK:

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