Friday, 6 July 2012

Wait long enough, and four come along at once.

If you have missed out on the Penny Dreadnought series, or if you haven't but you're a bit weird and would like to buy them all over again, the Penny Dreadnought Omnibus is out now.

It brings together all the stories from the first four volumes of Penny Dreadnought, and gives you sixteen stories of the strange and the frightening and the really rather weird, together with bonus cover art from the estimable yet abominable Mr Ryker.

You can find the Omnibus edition at Amazon UK, Amazon US, and at places where the fabric of the world tears, ever so slightly, and the dark comes in. Not sure that they take Amazon vouchers there though, only cash and your soul. Maybe major credit cards too.

‘Lilies’ - Iain Rowan
‘Cargo’ - Aaron Polson
‘First Time Buyers’ - James Everington
‘Invasion of the Shark-Men’ - Alan Ryker
‘Falling Over’ by James Everington
‘All the Pretty Yellow Flowers’ by Aaron Polson
‘Ice Age’ by Iain Rowan
‘A Face to Meet the Faces that You Meet’ by Alan Ryker
‘Precious Metal’ by Aaron Polson
‘Only the Lonely’ by Iain Rowan
‘The New Words’ by Alan Ryker
‘He’ by James Everington
‘Occupational Hazard’ by Iain Rowan
‘The Aerialist’ by Alan Ryker
‘Packob's Reward’ by James Everington
‘Poe's Blender’ by Aaron Polson