Saturday, 11 August 2012

Um, what?

Received an email from Amazon yesterday, telling me that I have to confirm that I have the rights to distribute Ice Age, or to get the rights holder to contact them direct.

The email manages to both threaten that if I don't do this within five days my book will be pulled, and to tell me that the book has been pulled already (which doesn't appear to be true), which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence either.

So I've emailed them back to point out that they have sent their email to Iain Rowan, who is holder of the Amazon KDP account in the name of Iain Rowan, asking him to prove that he has the rights to the book Ice Age by Iain Rowan, which is a collection of short stories, each and every one by...Iain Rowan.

So essentially, they have asked me to get in touch with myself and ask myself if I am prepared to allow myself the rights to distribute the book that I wrote, and then get back to them and tell them that I do in fact agree with myself.

Which seems a really sensible use of all our time.

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